User Guide for Audio Array AA-21

User Guide for Audio Array AA-21




User Guide for Audio Array AA-21 Desktop Mount Speaker Stands

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Package Inclusions
  3. Features and Technical Specifications
  4. Setup Instructions
  5. Usage Guide
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Warranty and Support

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing the Audio Array AA-21 Desktop Mount Speaker Stands. These adjustable stands are designed to enhance your sound editing, gaming, and music production experience by providing a stable and ergonomic solution for your speakers. With features such as adjustable height, tilt, and rotation, along with smart cable management, these stands offer versatility and convenience.

2. Package Inclusions

  • 2 x Speaker Stands
  • 2 x Upgraded Clamps

3. Features and Technical Specifications

Solution to Expand Desk Space:

  • Clamps on your desktop to save valuable space in your studio

Adjustable Height and Tilt:

  • Height adjustable from 10.4’’ to 15.9’’
  • Tray tilt angle adjustable from 0° to 15°
  • 180° rotation to direct sound towards your ears

Anti-Slip & Anti-Vibration Pads:

  • Vibration-reducing top silicone isolating pad
  • Prevents desk vibrations and reverberations
  • Provides essential gripping for speakers

Stable 15KG Weight Capacity:

  • 9” x 9” speaker platform holder supports up to 15KG
  • Universal table stand for most studio monitors, speakers, home theater systems, and projectors

Durable Steel Metal Stands:

  • Made from premium steel with a matte finish
  • Weighted and heavy enough to ensure stability and durability

4. Setup Instructions

  1. Unbox and Inspect:

    • Remove all items from the package and ensure everything is present.
  2. Attach the Clamps:

    • Secure the upgraded clamps to the base of each speaker stand.
    • Tighten the clamps onto your desktop or table edge.
  3. Adjust the Height:

    • Loosen the height adjustment knob on the stand.
    • Raise or lower the stand to your desired height (10.4’’ to 15.9’’).
    • Tighten the knob to secure the height.
  4. Adjust the Tilt and Rotation:

    • Loosen the tilt adjustment knob to set the tray tilt angle (0° to 15°).
    • Adjust the rotation of the stand to position the speakers towards your ears.
    • Tighten the knob to lock the angle and rotation in place.
  5. Place the Speakers:

    • Position your speakers on the 9” x 9” platform holder.
    • Ensure the speakers are stable and secure on the anti-slip and anti-vibration pads.
  6. Cable Management:

    • Use the smart cable management system to organize and secure your speaker cables.

5. Usage Guide

Optimal Positioning:

  • Adjust the height, tilt, and rotation to direct the sound towards your ears for the best listening experience.
  • Ensure the stands are stable and the speakers are securely positioned on the anti-slip pads.

Cable Management:

  • Keep your workspace tidy by routing the cables through the cable management system.
  • Ensure cables are not strained or pinched.

6. Troubleshooting

Stand Not Stable:

  • Ensure the clamps are securely tightened to the desktop.
  • Verify that the height and tilt adjustment knobs are fully tightened.

Speakers Sliding:

  • Check that the anti-slip pads are clean and properly positioned.
  • Ensure the speakers are not too heavy for the stands (maximum weight capacity is 15KG).

Cable Management Issues:

  • Reorganize the cables to avoid tangling or strain.
  • Use additional cable ties if necessary to secure the cables.

7. Warranty and Support

The Audio Array AA-21 is covered under a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. For any queries, please contact our customer care team at:

Thank you for choosing the Audio Array AA-21 Desktop Mount Speaker Stands. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of your speaker stands. Enjoy enhanced sound quality and a more organized workspace!

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