User Guide for Audio Array AM-W14 UHF

User Guide for Audio Array AM-W14 UHF


User Guide for Audio Array AM-W14 UHF Dual Wireless Metal Microphone

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Package Inclusions
  3. Features and Technical Specifications
  4. Setup Instructions
  5. Usage Guide
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Warranty and Support

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing the Audio Array AM-W14 UHF Dual Wireless Metal Microphone. This professional-grade microphone system is designed for a wide range of applications including karaoke singing, weddings, DJ events, church services, and more. With a reliable UHF connection and exceptional sound quality, the AM-W14 provides the freedom and performance you need for any event.

2. Package Inclusions

  • 2 x Wireless Microphones
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 2 x XLR Cables
  • 1 x 1/4" Mix Out Cable
  • 2 x Mic Covers
  • 2 x Anti-Roll Rings
  • 1 x User Manual

3. Features and Technical Specifications

Certified Product:

  • Regulatory clearances including BIS & WPC
  • 2-year warranty backed by excellent customer support

UHF Connectivity:

  • Transmits clear audio up to 200ft/60m
  • More stable than Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connections

Plug & Play:

  • 60m operating range with 15 adjustable frequency channels
  • Supports 15 sets of microphones operating simultaneously
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities (Note: Requires 2 x AA batteries per mic, not included)

Professional Sound Quality:

  • Frequency range: 50Hz-15kHz
  • S/N Ratio: 96dB
  • Strong bass and rich details without latency or feedback noise
  • Compatible with powered speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and audio interfaces (Note: Not compatible with phones, computers, and tablets)

Receiver Functions:

  • Dual antenna design for optimal RF interference resistance
  • Multifunction LCD display shows group, channel number, RF, and AF levels
  • 6.5mm mixed output and XLR balanced output

Mic Cover & Anti-Roll Ring:

  • Reduces breath and wind noise
  • Prevents the microphone from rolling off surfaces and provides shock protection

4. Setup Instructions

  1. Unbox and Inspect:

    • Remove all items from the package and ensure everything is present.
  2. Connecting the Receiver:

    • Connect the receiver to a power source using the provided power adapter.
    • Use the XLR cables or the 1/4" mix out cable to connect the receiver to your PA system, amplifier, mixer, or party box.
  3. Power Up:

    • Insert 2 x AA batteries into each microphone.
    • Turn on the receiver and both microphones.
  4. Pairing and Frequency Adjustment:

    • The microphones and receiver will automatically pair. If interference occurs, use the receiver’s LCD display to select a different frequency channel.
  5. Positioning:

    • Place the receiver in a location with clear line-of-sight to the microphones.
    • Attach the anti-roll rings and mic covers to each microphone.

5. Usage Guide


  • Hold the microphone close to your mouth for optimal sound capture.
  • Move freely within the operating range (up to 200ft/60m).

Adjusting Settings:

  • Use the receiver’s LCD display to monitor and adjust settings as needed.
  • Ensure the volume levels on your PA system, amplifier, or mixer are appropriately set to avoid feedback.

6. Troubleshooting

No Sound:

  • Check all cable connections.
  • Ensure the receiver and microphones are powered on.
  • Verify the batteries in the microphones are not depleted.
  • Confirm the receiver is connected to the correct input on your audio system.

Interference or Drop-Outs:

  • Adjust the frequency channel on the receiver.
  • Ensure there are no obstructions between the microphones and the receiver.
  • Try repositioning the receiver for better line-of-sight.

Distorted Audio:

  • Reduce the volume levels on your audio system.
  • Ensure the microphones are not too close to the sound source.
  • Check for any obstructions in the microphone’s path.

7. Warranty and Support

The Audio Array AM-W14 is covered under a 2-year warranty. For any questions or support, please contact our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing the Audio Array AM-W14. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of your dual wireless microphone system. Enjoy your high-quality performances and recordings!

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